Cottage Patio, Swimming Pool & Walling Construction

The Vision

The client came to us with a vision to transform a blank canvas in to a beautiful tranquil outdoor living space. The beautiful cottage situated in the heart of the county side at the the end of a stone lane surrounded my trees. The customer wanted to create a seamless extension of their cottage in to an impressive outdoor living space with swimming pool and large bespoke patio area which would maintain the link with nature with beautiful rustic stone work and walling.

The Project

The logistics and ordering of materials was planned to perfection and had to be considering the remote countryside location. Getting materials such as natural stone and bricks on time was imperative for meeting tight deadlines getting work complete on time as the team are always confined by the nature of the job by weather restrictions.

Next stage of the project

The next stage of the project is underway – the swimming pool construction. The biggest challenge with the swimming pool was in the design, how it was going to integrate with the natural surroundings. Watch out for for the up and coming news on the next part of the construction.

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